Runtz Mylar Bag Strain Labels
Runtz Mylar Bag Labels
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Runtz Mylar Bag Labels

From: £4.99

Runtz Mylar Bag Labels Only.




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Runtz Mylar Bag Labels.

This option ships Runtz Mylar Bag Labels only, should you require your Runtz Cali Mylar Pouch Stickers applied to Mylar Bags and ready to go then Click Here.

Available in 1grams, 3.5grams7grams14grams, and 28grams your Runtz Mylar Bag Stickers  Printed on High quality Gloss Vinyl, our labels are waterproof and boast an ink life of 7 years. The materials used are long lasting, robust, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. This means when you apply our Runtz Stickers to your Mylar Bags, they stay put for a very long time!

Labelling products is an incredibly effective way to further an image for your brand. More than this, professionally labelled products give your customers more reason to actually purchase your product. Don’t just take our word for it though: Importance of Labelling in Marketing.

Something as simple as a Label or a Sticker could very well be the difference between somebody returning or not. Never underestimate the power visual stimulus holds over the human mind. Nothing stimulates people like original, authentic design work. Our Runtz Cali Labels are a sure fire way to secure yourself some repeat customers!

Do you need any changes to the Runtz Mylar Strain Label design?

We offer free additions to your Runtz Mylar Pouch Labels requirements such as the addition of THC percentage, your logo, your socials e.t.c Let us know at checkout and we’ll get it done! Please be aware this may increase processing times.

Made to order: Up to 500 Runtz Mylar Pouch Labels ship within the same day if order is placed before 12:00. Larger orders ship in 1-2 days.

The labels we ship adhere to the size chart on this page. If you require amendments to the dimensions please let us know at checkout.

Bag Sizes:

 Bag Capacity. Bag Size. (W X H)  Label Size. (W X H)
1g (1/28oz) 103mm x   95mm 95mm x 95mm
3.5g (1/8oz) 103mm x 127mm 95mm x 122mm
7g (1/4oz) 103mm x 165mm 95mm x 156mm
14g (1/2oz) 125mm x 204mm 117mm x 198mm
28g (1oz) 151mm x 234mm 142mm x 228mm

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1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000

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