Ready Made Packaging

Ready Made Packaging
Make sure your branding is effective by using professionally designed vinyl strain labels for your packaging. Our selection of Strain Labels for Mylar Bags & Glass Jars will excite your customers and, as a result, make them return to you time and time again. Our packaging is dispensary quality that matches the labels we make.

Don’t buy an iPhone in a plastic bag. Don’t sell Gelato in Cling Film – because this is the same! Professionally branded products are necessary for any business. Create an unforgettable buying experience for your customers by using original designs and quality packaging solutions.
What is the quality like on your Mylar Bags, Glass Jars & Strain Labels?

Mylar Bags –
Equipped with a zip lock, our high density Mylar bags are an extremely effective long term storage solution. Commonly referred to as Stand up pouches, DOY packs or barrier bags – Mylar Bags are the industry standard for Edible and Flower packaging. Each of our bags have rounded corners & a thick micron density. We don’t flip cheap products.

Glass jars – Strain Label’s Glass Jars are 60ml, sturdy, robust and airtight, keeping the smell inside but your branding outside. It’s a win – win. Moisture free and with a child proof lid, your product will remain completely secure.

Strain Labels – Your Strain Labels are Printed on high quality Gloss Vinyl, are waterproof and boast an ink life of 7 years. The materials used are long lasting & robust meaning your labels will stay stuck onto your Mylar Bags – we grantee it. We don’t compromise on quality so why should you? Don’t just take our word for it though!

What Are My Purchase Options for My Strain Labels with Mylar Bags or Glass Jars?

Labelled –
This option ships your Mylar Bags or Glass Jars Pre-Labelled. Your packaging will arrive ready to go back out straight away!

Unlabelled – We also offer the option to take your packaging with strain labels unattached so you can apply as and when you need them. This option is a little more cost effective if you’re on a budget!