Labels & Stickers

Labels & Stickers.

Use professionally designed Stickers and Labels with your packaging. Our selection of Strain Stickers excite customers and, as a result, make sure your brand identity is the first and last thing they see when using your products.

What is the quality like on your Labels & Stickers?

Our Labels are made with the highest quality Gloss Vinyl. Subsequently, your branding shows quality, care and consideration. Give your customers an experience they won’t forget and start using professionally made Print.

Each sticker has an ink life of 7 years. Each Label is Waterproof. Should you even accidentally put them in the washing machine – they just come out smelling even better!

What Are My Purchase options?

Mylar Bag Labels – We offer Mylar Bag label from sizes 1g – 28g.

Glass Jar Labels – We offer Glass Jar labels suitable for 60ml glass jars.

Strain Stickers – We offer strain stickers in a range of shapes and sizes. We also offer the option to have your stickers die-cut.

Am I able to request changes/ammendmants?

For additional requirements such as; size amendments, addition of THC percentage, your logo, your socials e.t.c Let us know at checkout and we’ll get it done! Please be aware this may increase processing times.

What If I want a strain that you don’t have?

Design is our passion, and we are building upon our extensive catalogue of of in house designs every single day. If we don’t have a strain you need right now- just let us know. We may already be working on it! If not we’ll get started.